Top Ten Read Alouds for 4th Grade

A pile of read aloud novels on the fourth grade level

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It's no secret that read alouds enrich your classroom. (If you're not convinced of that, check out this post!) I love taking the time to choose the perfect novel. But since there are SO many great options out there, it's hard to narrow it down. So now what? How do you choose the read aloud that's best for you?

  1. Typically, I do a new read aloud every month. Dragging a book on for too long will cause a loss of interest. Plus students begin to forget details from the beginning of the book before we even finish. 
  2. I also consider the needs of my class. Are we studying something in Social Studies I can reinforce? Are we experiencing a social problem (i.e. the need to build empathy)? Choosing a book that my students need will ALWAYS make the read aloud more meaningful. 

After these considerations, I head to my list of favorite novels! You can find those below:

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These are my TOP 10 novel choices for 4th grade

Fish in a Tree: In this realistic fiction text, Ally struggles with her identity and success in school. As the story progresses, she is diagnosed with dyslexia and finally gets the help she needs. >>View my read aloud companion<<

Among the Hidden: Luke lives in a dystopian world and as a "shadow child" must stay hidden from others. His content world is rattled when he meets Jen, another shadow child with a rebellious plan.  >>View my read aloud companion<<

Esperanza Rising: Esperanza is a young Mexican girl who faces many tragedies and difficulties. But, as her name suggests, she grows and learns to have hope for the future. >>View my read aloud companion<<

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: This holiday story brings laughs every holiday season! When the troublesome Herdmans take over the Christmas Pageant, everyone predicts disaster. >>View my read aloud companion<<

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane: A china rabbit named Edward Tulane is loved an adored…until the day he is lost. Off he goes on a “miraculous journey,” learning through themes of love and loss. >>View my read aloud companion<<

Frindle: Nick comes up with a clever way to play a prank on his teacher and get out of homework. But his teacher is smarter than he thinks and ends up teaching him a valuable lesson. >>View my read aloud companion<<

I Am Malala: This memoir is the best-selling story of Malala Yousafzai. After the Taliban placed major limitations on women’s rights, young Malala decided to fight back. She almost lost her life in her pursuit of education for girls/women. >>View my read aloud companion<<

The Wild Robot: Roz is a robot that awakens alone on a deserted island. She learns to survive and finds more about her past while dealing with her harsh surroundings. >>View my read aloud companion<<

The War that Saved My Life: This Newberry Honor book is set during the turbulent time of WWII. Young Ada is hidden away by her cruel mother because of a “twisted foot.” But through the story, Ada escapes from her mother, learns to trust others, and plays an important role in the war effort. >>View my read aloud companion<<

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler: The main character of this novel, Claudia, is bored and frustrated with her life. So she convinces her brother to run away from home and head to the museum of art. >>View my read aloud companion<<

When I use these novels as read alouds, I've developed a bookmark and journal system for each book. 

As I read, I keep my students thinking with 2 questions. One question is asked before I read, the second is asked after. Sometimes we do these orally, sometimes in journal format. That's it! See below!


The novel 'Fish in a Tree' open to the cover page with a ring of bookmarks laying across it by Fifth in the Forest on Teachers Pay TeachersJournal pages for the novel 'Fish in a Tree' by Fifth in the Forest on Teachers Pay Teachers

You can find a read aloud companion for EVERY novel on my list in my TpT store. Click here to view all 10 novels for 4th grade!

Pin Image titled 'Top 10 Novels for Fourth Grade" the image features covers from 10 read aloud books on a fourth grade levelPin Image titled 'Top 10 Novels for Fourth Grade" the image features a pile of 10 read aloud books on a fourth grade level

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  1. So many great choices! I think I’d choose the Wild Robot! 🤖

  2. You have 3 of my favorites on here! For a read aloud, I would probably choose Fish in a tree!

  3. The War that Saved My Life! I love integrating SS!