5 Cheap and Easy Coworker Gifts

It's that time of year and our lists are a mile long! If you, like me, are scrounging for last minute gifts, here are 5 cheap and easy suggestions. I've used all of these for coworker gifts and they've been a hit!

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1. Lip Balm

Who doesn't need a new tube of lip balm? Especially in the winter months! Last year I made these quick gift tags and passed them out to all my friends. This CHEAP gift is both practical and thoughtful. You can download the template for this FREE tag here!

Image of Holiday Lip Balm Gifts Tags by Fifth in the Forest

2. Hand sanitizer/Soap

Speaking of a practical gift--hand sanitizer! I don't know anyone that would pass up a new bottle of hand sanitizer right now. This was my 2020 coworker gift (for obvious reasons). You can also download the template for this gift here!

Image of Holiday Soap Hand Sanitizer Gifts Tags by Fifth in the Forest

3. Themed Snacks

An apple for the teacher! I saw this gift idea on Etsy a few years ago--for $13 a piece! I knew I could make my own and decided to give these to my teacher friends that year. All you need is a plastic gift bag, an apple, a small clear container, and a jar of caramel sauce (I love Marzetti's!). 

Oh and learn from my mistake, don't forget to refrigerate the caramel sauce once you put these together! I had to start all over after leaving the gifts out overnight. :(

Image of Caramel Apple Gift Bag

4. Homemade Goodies

I know, I know. This technically falls under the category of snacks too. But almost everyone would jump at a yummy, homemade treat! Consider making something that is unique to you or your family. I just love receiving snacks I can't make myself.

Hint: We are often overloaded with sweets at Christmas time. When I give snacks I try to pass them out a week or two before Christmas. That way your recipients can really enjoy them and they don't get lost in the shuffle! 

5. Potpourri 

My final suggestion is something to make your friend's houses cozy! I made this gift recently and got great feedback. Plus it only cost a few dollars per gift!

You need a bag or glass jar, an orange, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and cranberries. Tell your friends to slice the orange and let the whole mixture simmer in 2 cups of water. Be sure to add more water if it begins to boil dry! I followed these directions.

Pinnable image for  Cheap and Easy Coworker GiftsPinnable image for  Cheap and Easy Coworker Gifts

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