Plan Your Next Book Club in 30 Minutes or Less (for Upper Elementary and Middle Grade Teachers!)

    As a teacher myself, I know your time is valuable. Finding ways to streamline your planning process is of utmost importance.
    When it comes to hosting engaging book clubs for upper elementary and middle grade students, I've got you covered. This book club planning guide will help you plan your clubs in 30 minutes or less. Yup! You read correctly…30 minutes or less!!

Plan Your Next Book Club in Five Simple Steps:

1. Select the Perfect Books: 

  • Consider the level of your students, reading fluency, time available, and number of groups you’ll need. 
  • Choose a theme! Will you be leading a seasonal club or one based on a social studies or science topic? Consider choosing a theme for your clubs. 

2. Use Our Printable Guide: 

  • Review my suggested schedules, lesson plans, and printable charts. These charts take the guess work out of your daily schedules!

    3. Prepare Resources: 

    • Save time and effort with pre-prepared resources that facilitate meaningful discussions and interactive book-related activities.
    • Book Tasting—This resource is how I introduce book choices to my students and get their feedback. I use this feedback when creating groups. 
    • Read Aloud Companions—Each groups receives a read aloud companion bookmark and journal. This resource allows students to independently discuss AND keeps them on task.  

    4. Host Engaging Meetings:

    • Encourage active participation and thoughtful reflections among your students.
    • FAQs: Read my answers to questions teachers just like you have asked! You can find these in the book club planning guide and use the answers to guide your meeting times.

    5. Assess for Understanding: 

    • Allow your students to see how much they learned while they were reading!
    • Read Aloud Assessments—These quick tests allow me to formally assess for understanding. They are multiple choice/matching and can be printed or assigned in Google Classroom.
    • End of Novel Project for ANY Novel—Allow your students to collaborate and be creative! This choice board system works for any fiction novel, can be used individually or in groups, and comes with SO MANY printable guides. The best part? Use one rubric to grade them all!

    Ready to simplify your book club planning process and elevate your students' reading experiences? Download our free, customizable book club planning guides today!


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