The Ultimate List of Historical Novels for Upper Elementary

    I've been working on this for quite a while! As an ELA/SS teacher, one of my favorite ways to cross curriculum was with historical novels. It's the perfect way to enhance both curriculums, make connections, and promote greater retention. 

This list of novels spans American history from the Colonial period-present day. You will find THIRTEEN PAGES with each novel's title, author, lexile, and pages listed. And the best part? It's FREE!! Simply sign up for my newsletter below and this will be delivered as a PDF straight to your inbox!

What time periods are included?

       •Colonial Life and the American Revolution
•The War of 1812
•Westward Expansion
•The American Civil War
•The Industrial Revolution and Early 1900s
•The Roaring 1920’s
•The Harlem Renaissance 
•The Great Depression
•The Vietnam War
•The Civil Rights Movement
•The Cold War
•The 21st Century

Send me this list!!

Ways you can use this in your classroom:

  1. Connect topics ACROSS CURRICULUM--you can easily match your Social Studies units with ELA!
  2. Fill your LIBRARY with interesting books that match your Social Studies units. 
  3. Enrich your Social Studies curriculum with a historical novel READ ALOUD.
  4. Recommendations for INDEPENDENT READING. (Especially when you notice a student has a special interest in a time period!)
  5. Lead a BOOK STUDY incorporating a specific time period or cultural event. 
  6. Connect CURRENT EVENTS to literature. (For example--read an Industrial Revolution book around Labor Day.)


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