5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Read in the SUMMER


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Last week I decided to update an old blog post (A Summer Reading Alternative that Works for Upper Elementary and Middle Grades) and realized I have much more to say on the subject!

You know I LOVE inspiring students to read. But how do we do that in the summer when sooo many other activities are there to distract?

Read below for FIVE ways to keep kids reading over summer break. 

Title Image for Blog Post: 5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Read in the Summer
How to Keep Kids Reading Over Summer Break

1. One size does not fit all

Summer is the time for CHOICE! Allow students to explore books of any level, genre, and topic they find interesting. Limiting what students read over the summer could limit their love of reading. 

One of the ways I provide choice AND structure is with this summer reading bookmark challenge. Click the picture to preview this system!

Thumbnail for Summer Reading Bookmark Challenge by Fifth in the ForestThumbnail for Summer Reading Bookmark Challenge by Fifth in the Forest

2. Be ready with suggestions

Once students find a book they enjoy, suggest similar books they should explore. For ideas of historical novels, grab my FREE downloadable list here!

Clickable for FREE downloadable list of historical novels from Fifth in the Forest

You may also enjoy these lists!

3. Provide opportunities to get books

Students can't read if they don't have books! Provide books at home, take them to the library, fill their iPad/kindles with texts, etc. 

But don't fear, this doesn't have to be expensive! You can find FREE books at your library and online. Check out these resources for filling your classrooms/homes with books for FREE. 

4. Provide time to read

We imagine having extra time during the summer months, but this often isn't the case! Our students schedules can be FULL of camps, activities, and vacations during this time. 

Thoughtfully set aside pockets of time to relax and read. Don't overfill your schedule and then wonder why reading never occurs. 

5. Set the example

Do your students and children see you reading? They are far more likely to read if they know you love it too. Read at the same time, read aloud together, and share stories! Nothing inspires a child to read more than a trusted adult sharing in the process. 


Reading to your students is so so important and it’s FUN! I hope you can use some of these suggestions soon. If you need more  suggestions for WHAT to read, check out my lists for thirdfourth, and fifth grade here!

I would also love to hear your tips for read aloud time! Please connect with me here in the comments or on instagram at @fifthintheforest

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