Summer Teacher Checklist: 5 Tasks to Prepare for the Next School Year


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I've been there, friend. You've finally reached summer break and the last thing you want is to start preparing for next school year. And yet, school supplies and classroom decorations are ALREADY on the shelves at my local stores. WHY??

Some summers I just close that door and don't think about school for 2 months. But, honestly, when I spend a few minutes preparing it makes things SO much easier in August. 

Today I'm sharing just 5 small tasks I try to do at the end of each school year. These truly make a difference in how overwhelmed I feel when heading back to school. Check them out below!

5 Must-Do Summer Tasks for Teachers

1. Reflect on the current year:

This may seem too obvious. But if you spend dedicated time reflecting on the current year, you will save so much time when planning for next year. I don't know about you, but I forget a lot if I let this sit over the summer. Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What curriculum worked well/didn't work?
  • How should I adjust my pacing of material?
  • What was my favorite lesson/theme to teach? What specifically made it enjoyable?
  • What was my students' favorite lesson/theme to learn? What did they specifically enjoy?
  • What special activities, guests, or field trips should I repeat? What should we NOT repeat?
  • What books should I read this summer to add to my book clubs, read alouds, classroom library, etc.?

2. Make goals for the next school year:

Making goals with the current year still fresh on your mind is the best way to grow! Try making a few goals that are curriculum based AND relationship based. For example, "I'd like to teach ______ more effectively by utilizing a project based learning unit." Or "I'd like to improve parent-communication by implementing a weekly newsletter email."

3. Read books that you may use in the classroom:

So many books, so little time! I always use summer break to catch up on reading. Consider adding new books to your classroom library, book clubs, read aloud time, etc. Pro-tip: listen to them on audiobook to save time!

4. Organize classroom materials and PURGE:

Instead of shoving everything into cabinets or boxes, spend a couple minutes thinking about your inventory. Did you use these items this year? If not, consider donating to a new teacher or tossing. The end of the year is a great time to purge and keep your classroom tidy. 


You've worked harder in the last 10 months than most people do the entire year. Enjoy your break! Disconnect from school, spend time with loved ones, travel, or anything else that brings you joy!

What essential tasks have I missed? Share in the comments and I'll be happy to add them!

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